Rob Howarth

Race Tips with Rob Howarth and Futureproof Life


Rob Howarth has been coaching kayakers and multisporters for nearly 30 years! As a sponsor of The Rodney Coast Challenge he has been involved with the event for 15 years and we are delighted to have his continuing support with Futureproof Life.

His multisport background also includes coaching and participation for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast (previously the Speight’s Coast to Coast). After 8 personal races Rob is now coaching an Orewa College school team with a view to competing in 2018.

The Rodney Coast Challenge is a great race for individuals, teams and for experienced athletes and novices alike. With four short stages the race will take between 3 hrs 15 minutes and 6 hours, here is a breakdown of the course, transition and some tips to get you going.

Forest Run 10 Km

The race starts on the beach at the end of Rimmers Road in Woodhill Forest. Registration takes place at the start, give yourself plenty of time to set up transitions (see tips). There is plenty of parking at registration.  Continue reading “Rob Howarth”

Sam Goodall

Kick off for my Multisport Season this year, the Rodney Coast Challenge, my first ever race, and one which I like to return to, and support as much as I can.

It is always a good honest early season test, with a tough-ish 10 Km run, a testing road bike, and Mountain bike leg totaling just under 60 Kms, and an 8 Km sprint in the kayak. Personally for me at this time of the year, I don’t have any specific training, or speed work in the bank, with my focus primarily on just getting in the base miles.  Continue reading “Sam Goodall”

Sally Dymond

  1. Ride over at least the mountain bike course BEFORE RACE DAY
  2. Take plenty of fluids
  3. Paddle paddle paddle before the race!

The 2012 Rodney Coast Challenge was my first full multi-sport race. In my previous student and non-9-to-5 life I had competed in triathlon for a number of years, but hadn’t really ventured out of the tame and predictable environments triathlons are typically held it. Continue reading “Sally Dymond”

Catherine Houten

My name is Catherine (Cathy) Houten. I am 14 years old and live in Kaukapakapa. I first started at Kaukapakapa Scouts when I was ten, and found out about the Rodney Coast Challenge. The following year, when I was 11, I was entered in a team with my Dad’s work mates and did the mountain bike leg. The year after I did the road bike for them and last year the mountain bike.


Continue reading “Catherine Houten”

James Kuegler


Thank-you to Canoe & Kayak North Shore for the entry to the Rodney Coast Challenge on November 14th. Having decided not to run the Auckland Marathon I thought it would be a good opportunity to compete in another multisport race.

The format of the race is a 10km Run, 30km Road Bike, 24km Mountain Bike, & 8km Kayak: an interesting format with a particularly small amount of running.  Continue reading “James Kuegler”